How manage your photos on Facebook

Facebook series

10. How manage your photos on Facebook

You can share photos with your friends on by uploading them and sorting them into albums.

1) To view the photos you have already uploaded, if any, go to profile.

2) And click photos.

If you have any uploaded photos or albums, they will show up here. Let’s upload some new ones.

3) Click add photos.

4) Hold down the control key and click to select multiple images.

5) Click open.

6) You will see several options here. Set the location where these photos were taken.

7) Set the visibility for the photos. Do you want to make them public, visible to friends only, etc…

8) You can add a date to the photos. Click here to set a date.

9) You can also choose if you want to upload high quality photos. Let’s select it.

10) Click post photos.

Facebook will automatically recognize faces in your photos. You can tag your friends in each photo.

11) Begin typing a name here.

12) Click the appropriate name when it appears.

13) Then click save tags.

14) Click this link to add an album description.

15) Click save.

16) After you have created an album, you can edit it. Click edit album.

17) Click done.

18) Now click on a photo.

Each photo can have its own separate tags and comments.

This is the end of the tutorial. Now you know how to upload photos and create albums on Facebook.